Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fatshionista, makeover thyself!

Why do I stick with the more-comfortable but often-boring clothes in my wardrobe instead of the more daring and exciting pieces I own, some of which I even designed and made?  Why do I always gravitate towards the safe option?

Why don't I feel like shaving my legs so I rock a skirt more often (and yes, I know you don't have to shave to wear a skirt, but with my pale skin and dark body hair, I really can't stand the way my bare legs look in a skirt unless I do so)?

Why do I even own a pair of mom-jeans?  I mean really, what's up with that?  And worse yet, why am I wearing them while I'm sitting here typing this?

Why don't I have a cool pair of flats to wear with jeans or skirts?  This is a major lacuna in my wardrobe.

Why don't I feel arsed to wear the little bit of makeup necessary to make the difference between "meh" and "pretty nice"?  Why am I still, at the tender age of 35, so bad at styling my own damn hair?

None of these questions have easy answers, really.  On the one hand, I so often feel woefully underqualified to lead a FAT-shion revolution, given my own love-hate relationship with clothing and its accoutrements.  On the other hand, I guess there's nothing like a general who leads from the trenches, and knowing that you're not alone.