Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Link Round-Up: The German Fat-o-sphere

This blog post is high on content but low on context.  I mostly just want to round up all these links in one place so I can close a bunch of tabs in my browser!  And since it's pretty much relevant to my blog, rather than doing the simple thing like bookmarking these sites, I'm putting them here on my blog.  I'll get back to this entry later to add some of my thoughts on each site once I have a chance to go through them.

At the moment, however, my apartment is a mess, and I've realized a major lacuna in my wardrobe: accessories of an "I can't be arsed to deal with my hair today" nature.  Hence I have a whole lot of cloches, snoods, headwraps, beanies, and other sorts of gear on my "Remember and Compare" stack on Ravelry, and want to get started on making one ASAP, as today is also one of those "hair-be-out-of-mind-and-my-way" days.

Without further ado, fat-positivity and fat-shion blogs in Germany:

Übergrößen Ratbeger
"Plus-size Advisor"

Übergrößen Total: Hier bin ich die Norm
"Total Plus-size: Here I am the Norm"

Maxx & Molli
A cute play on Maxx as in "maximum" and Molli as in "mollig", which means "chubby".

Dollface is Candysweet
Blogs in both German and English!

Beauté Plantureuse
Because French always sounds cooler than German, unless you're into Industrial.

Not much to tell yet, save for the cute ginger in the splash graphic.

Reizende Rundungen
German for "Lovely Curves".  She's got a really long list of recommended blogs in her sidebar, so I might be able to find some other German Fat-o-sphere bloggers through her.

More to come!