Thursday, March 1, 2012

Opinionated FAT-shionista: This site makes me happy!

I'm starting a new category to list the sites and retailers I either love, hate, or feel decidedly "meh" about.  I simply had to start this planned type of entry today, as I've just found an American plus-size retailer I actually LOVE and which has several items which inspire feelings of "IT MUST BE MINE!"

The retailer is none other than Domino Dollhouse, created by plus-size fashion blogger Tracy Broxterman. Hey, blog to designer to store, sounds like a path I want to go on!

Check out some of these pieces of awesomeness that I so, so want:

The Lipsticky Skirt in Red:

The Royal Icing Coat:

The Domino Dahlia Pencil Dress:

Considering how rare it is for a plus-size site to make me sit up and go ZOMG!, I will definitely have to budget some money for a Domino Dollhouse purchase in the near future!