Friday, December 16, 2011

Adventures of an Accidental Fat-shion Designer: An employee of sorts!

I've been altogether too bad about updating my blog lately, but in my defense, life keeps interfering.

Fantastic bit of news, however: I now have an employee of sorts!  Sue is an Australian woman about 15 years older than me, who given when she grew up and where she went to school, had to take 5 years of sewing in school, including fitting and pattern drafting.  She has mad skills that have been in practice since she was quite young, as she was the oldest of seven kids, and her mom sewed and knit out of necessity.  She's been coming out to the workshop with me a couple days a week (when I haven't been sick), and has the great advantage of being willing to work for things like custom-made clothing and yarn out of my stash, at least until my business actually has customers.

Having someone to be responsible to and for is also helping me a lot with motivation to get out to the workshop and do stuff, plus there's a lot of things in garment construction where an experienced second pair of hands is just invaluable.  I'm positive Sue will be an unimaginably great asset to my business!

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